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Webinar Central: BPO Automation Group and the BPO University have joined forces to offer a free webinar series to real estate agents and brokers who want to maximize their success in the BPO & REO industry. We have made access to our free pre-recorded webinars easy, to get started simply 'Register' for an account.

Webinar Training: You simply won't find high-quality, no-cost, no strings attached training available everyday. We have made it a point to provide invaluable insights, tips and tricks that can help any BPO/REO agent or broker gain the education that can truly make a difference.

Webinar Content: Within our webinar series you will find a dozen different topics offered, such as:

  • Breaking into the BPO Business
  • Selecting the Best BPO Comps
  • Introduction to NABPOP's BPOSG
  • How to Make Value Adjustments
  • Filling in the Comment Fields Correctly
  • Cookie-Cutter Phrases
  • Sample BPO Forms and Photos
  • And More to Come!

What Can You Expect: New topics were covered in each of the 30-minute webinar sessions. Occasionally, we had guest presenters and as we completed each webinar they were recorded for access at a later time and are now made available within our extensive Webinar Library. You never have to worry about missing a webinar session because our whole webinar collection is available 24x7, 365 days a year. All you have to do to access them is simply sign up using the form to the right.

Webinars are viewable as YouTube videos.


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